Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Favorite Playable Class

  Day three and I'm beginning to see the chore of such things.

I like playing something I haven't played before or at least played recently.  Yes we all know the woman who only plays elven mages or the guy who only plays dwarven fighters.   The people who always want dice systems which allow them to arrange their stats, so their inevitably ugly character can be the same thing they were last time.  Yet I prefer to let the dice speak to me.  I like letting those first four roles decide my fate for one of the primary classes.  I feel the compulsion to choose the rarest thing possible if I qualify (except the Assassin.)

That said, I do have a fondness for Rangers, in the first edition AD&D rules.  Let's be truthful,  you're almost happy when the Paladin dies, because it frees you from such a restrictive role.  The monk is a chore to keep alive in a low level games, although his poverty is refreshing after too much gold greed and at high levels is extremely fun, like any of the rare classes.  The Druid is pretty cool, but always a step behind in a plant sterile dungeon craw.  The Assassin is just stupid outside of a city. The Bard is a pleasant change.

Yet the Ranger?  I think everyone is happy when they get to be a Ranger.  Just enough magic and special powers to make your fighter special.  Maybe it's a Tolkien thing, you just feel cooler as a Ranger.

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