Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 5 & 6

Favorite Dice?
 I still have some of those yellow four sideds, the ones which taught us all how well caltrops worked.  I still use them as they're the only ones of the 70s dice sets that still roll true.   They get dragged out when people make high levels as mages.   I have other dice I use more often.  A nice set of black ones I use when I'm a player. The fist full of six-sided I roll for fire balls, looted from a variety of board games. A fist full of 20 sided dice I use for those big fights.   A handful of eights so I can role hit dice.   Those odd colored ten sided ones out of some alternate version of D&D which I played exactly once.

Favorite Deity.
Long past are the days where I viewed the Deities and Demigods as a Monster Manual.   I tend to use the Norse Gods in most campaigns, although they're tempered through Joseph Campbell and James Frazer.   I often use a muddy Mystery cult of the Goddess.   Mithra pops up as do a variety of invented Gods, who doesn't like a one off quest against dreaming Cthulu or Monty the Ape God of Outer Burbank?

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