Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 8 & 9

Favorite Character Played & Not Played.

I think one of the favorite characters I've ever played was for Justice Inc.   He was a little person with a pistol and a savvy knowledge of 1920s China, fast cars, and Mandarin. Zebulon P. Culpepper, and he always wore a white suit in honor of his Kentucky heritage.  It was the first time I'd ever tried my hand at the game, a pick up game one spring, played with a bunch of history majors. We only played the one the adventure, but I still remember the joy of it, as the other players were fast and knowledgeable., despite being new to the game system.   There wasn't the problem you have with many off-brand games were most of the people just aren't aware of the world you're trying to play.   The game went down well and there was good company, wine, and zeppelins.  What more does anyone really need for a fine evening out?

Not played?  I still remember spending an evening making up characters for Champions and then we had about one fight.  Only the guy who'd bought the game was a comic book reader, which made it hard on the rest of us.  My character was the Booger and in typical adolescent fashion had various snot powers which combined the swinging ability of spiderman and some rather disgusting attacks.  I think I even bothered to color in his mucus green costume.


  1. Booger Man eh? His nemesis, Captain Kleenex?

    The once game you mentioned sounds like it had been a blast. A pity it didn't continue after a single session.

  2. I think we had about half a fight with the Garrulous Granny and her band of Nancy Boys. We were a bit of a game merchant's wet dream at the time , as we were forever trying out some new system someone had bought.