Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14

Craziest Thing I've seen Happen
     So many crazy things  A legless wizard using a fat dwarf as a airborne mobile missile platform.   A dwarf on a mechanical sandship driving it over a cliff into a purple worm.  A gnome with a love for masquerading as a female ogre.  A wizard performing his spells, with his arms operated on two sticks by a halfling standing underneath him like Frank Oz with Grover.   Hmmm , all the most comical things seem to involve short people.

Favorite Adventure.   I went into this under game world.

Dungeon Type
  I like city adventures.   Sewers especially, yet they always link up.  Although, I do like a lost jungle temple or a nice set of scattered islands filled with encounter areas.  The usually assortment of hermits, some mad, some not, witches, and ruined towers.

Favorite Trap/ Puzzle
     I once had copper rose bushes which grabbed those who tried to pick their flowers, despite the sign's warning. The third in a series of puzzles, each of which had a chalk warning sign responsible for the magic of the trap.  They kept lopping off the flowers, which just made things worse, until someone inadvertently washed the chalk warning off the wall.

Favorite NPC
    There are lot of types I use regularly.  The happy innkeeper, the street urchin with ties to the Thieves' Guild, the hooker with a heart of brass, the idiot paladin, and assorted hermits and witches.  Yet I think my favorite was my first, the ferryman.   I like a good ferryman, they always give the party the willies, even when they aren't crazy or dangerous.  Someone seems to always cut the rope.

As this pile on list shows, I'm beginning to regret the list thing.   It seems to derail what I really want to write.

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