Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The coolest Book I have that isn't in Wikipedia.

I'm always surprised when I find a book that isn't on Wikipedia.

This without a doubt is the coolest one I have.  It's the one I pull out when trying to impress scifi-fantasy girls, my equivalent of etchings. I'm not saying it works often. (the crappier pictures are mine.)

It was published in 1979, if the cover boy looks familiar, that because the It's coauthored by the Brother's Hildebrandt, who also did the original Star Wars poster (the incest one.)  It's filled with a lot of great art work, you should recognize the style from their run of Tolkien calenders.  

Supposedly a lot of it comes from story boards they made for a movie that was never produced.
The plot was pretty much Tolkien, but unlike a lot of bad books, I've never been tempted to sell it off, because it's great to just page through, as it's filled with pencil sketches, etc...  I haven't read it in years and most likely won't, but it always has a spot on the shelf.
For the time this much artwork was amazing.  

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