Thursday, August 15, 2013


OK, so urban explorer stuff has gotten pretty common.

Yet this has to be the some of the coolest I've seen.  It screams out for some sort of scenario to be run using this material.  Gunkanjima is the name of the island, the link is to the website where I just got all these pictures from.  Go check it out, but here is a taste.

It's this abandoned island, once a coal mine.
With huge apartment blocks

science and technology magazine

I think this would be perfect for something like Cyberpunk or Gamma World.  You'd have the ruined city above, combined with the coal mines below. Filled with a variety of refugees or mutants from massive Japanese reactor failures.   

It reminds of the way Alcatraz used to look before the hippies burned so much of it.  Something about ruined islands....

And the update is?

It's on google street view.

That is right,   Google street view!

I'm beside myself with how cool a scenario this would make.   Remember how excited you were the first time you saw a three dimensional video game?  How many hours you spent on Bard's Tale?

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